Hello, world!

I just would like to say hello to the world today!

I think there are many billions and billions of web pages being created much faster than most people can ever read them, so I will really be surprised if very many people ever start reading this one.

Another cool name I thought of for my blog was “Blog to the Bone”, like the George Thorogood song about drinking alcohol.  That was taken, so I thought of BigBlogWolf.  I don’t know anything about wolves really, though I do like the book “Call of the Wild”, and read it too much as a boy for my own good I’m sure, then recently re-read it in ebook form (much superior, not edited down!) Anyway Bloggacious is more generic and flexible, yet exciting and creative, so I am glad that I thought of it, and if very many people start to think that ooh, that is a cool name, I would like to have that domain etc. then I will be right in the thick of the competition already.  Oh well.  Have a nice day, world!

Wait, world, come back! My post isn’t over yet.  Ok, so what is this blog supposed to be about?  With a name like Bloggacious, it should have something great in it, bodacious like!  So anyway, some things that catch my interest are:

  • Employment (finding some employment and getting some money for myself)
  • Science (figuring out how the world works)
  • Writing (I get a lot of various ideas and enjoy producing words on a keyboard)
  • Software development (using software, using programming tools, learning computer languages, writing computer programs)
  • Art (towering sculptures made out of random objects, computer graphics that I can make in GIMP)
  • Creativity (not in every way, but I can be sort of imaginative)
  • Games (chess & scrabble – competition to improve mental processing in some very restricted domains)
  • People (I get bored pretty quickly if I am alone too much)
  • Mathematics (I have always liked solving a good puzzle, Rubik’s Cube, math problems at different levels, proving things)
  • Arguing (When someone tries to sell me something, I can be pretty good at thinking of reasons not to buy it)
  • Photos (Love to point my digital camera at various things and people and sights and then collect them,  crop them etc)

So as you can see, it is pretty much a personal blog, and lacking a serious focus.  Some of these various things in my life seem to need some kind of re-prioritizing.  We’ll see what happens.